Saturday, December 10, 2011

let's git some varmints

There are ballsy animals living under the Cottage, and I think they have the flu given the noises that were drifting up through the floorboards last night. They were also tormenting Skye more than usual by purposefully running back and forth below the floor and letting her track them. I heard them laughing.

All that to say, it is on like donkey-kong.

Whatever is getting under the Cottage via this hole is about to have a new home.

The trap has been set and Blue is testing it. Blue's dad helped me set it, after he informed me and explained in depth that a possum or rat won't set it off because they're not heavy enough to trigger it. I was incredibly disappointed, but he cheered me up by saying I could at least try. Optimism. I love it.

Blue is a great demonstrator. See, come in here because you know you want grapefruit peels.

I've been saving food for days. I have no idea what the varmints under the Cottage want to eat. Let's hope they're looking for onion peels and celery stalks. If that doesn't work, I'll bring out the meat.

My helpers.

I'm gonne git some varmints.


Kristin said...

We caught varmets with tuna fish once. I can't remember if that was the raccoon or oppossum. :)

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

Didga git em???