Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my Tuesday night

It's been a simple night, nothing fancy.

I left the newsroom early (for me), came home and followed my usual routine. Routines is what stuff is made of, isn't it?

It's funny the routines I follow without thinking. Purse and lunch bag go on the counter. I unpack the clean Tupperware from my bag, put it away and fold the bag into the cupboard. Simultaneously, I open the utility room door and let Zeb out, and gesture him out the front door. I tie Skye up.

And then I take my clothes and shoes off and change into my lounge-wear. I turn music on.

Tonight there was no work to do. I mean, there's always work to do, but tonight I took a reprieve.

Instead, I heated up a cup of weak coffee from this morning and crawled in bed, my back leaning up against my homemade (and nearly finished) headboard.

I Facebooked. I Pinterested. I emailed. I Internet-surfed.

I cut out coupons and played with Skye.

I had a session with my life coach. Everyone needs a life coach.

I worked on a project in the kitchen. A dug-it-out-of-a-burn-pile project that needs some TLC, and still needs a little more.

Started watching a Youtube video about 15 questions a single woman should ask a Christian guy before getting involved. By question 2 I was annoyed by the delivery.

I'm thankful, and I'm looking at the picture hanging on the wall at the end of my bed.

Let it be.

It's still a good reminder.

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