Thursday, December 22, 2011


I would not call myself a health nut.

I like fast food, I can eat way too many peanut M&Ms, and pizza and beer is a favorite. I don't exercise as much as I should, I work too much sometimes and stress has a tendency to eat away at the hours I sleep.

Compared to my marathon-running and Iron Man participating friends, I have a long way to go.

But for me, I've also come a long ways and recent illnesses affecting those around me have made me thankful for the health I have.

I've given plenty of lectures in recent days about taking care of ones self, watching what we eat, exercising enough and sleeping as much as we need to. Watching some in my sphere fall by the wayside to various and sundry illnesses makes me thankful for the lifestyle I've managed to build despite the pressures of my job and life.

I'm getting enough sleep.
I'm eating healthy.
I'm exercising moderately.

I also have the odds stacked against me.

I have a chronic disease.
I have a highly stressful job.
I have a tendency to worry too much.
I like to use food for comfort and I fight sleep.

But in my quest to lose weight, has come a welcomed side effect, and many.

I can walk away from a buffet line when I see it has no healthy options for me.
I force myself to bed at a regular time every night regardless of the amount of work I have left to do.
I get up in the morning around the same time.
I maintain a similar routine each day that includes lots of coffee, down time and playing/training my dog before leaving for work.
I write when I feel the need.
I hold off on washing the dishes at night to give myself time to do nothing.
I build things.
I photograph.
I mentally separate myself from the worries I have to deal with tomorrow. It is, after all, tomorrow.

It has seemingly happened overnight, but each step has been intentional and each one has added up to where I am today.

It's possible.

I promise.

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