Saturday, January 15, 2011


tonight when I opened the fridge, someone's Danimals slipped out and spilled all the way down the fridge and onto the floor. I wanted to yell at someone for their carelessness in putting the Danimals where they had in the fridge but I couldn't find a reasonable excuse to yell. So I didn't. I just cleaned it up.

I had a glass of wine tonight, which is considerably less than what I drank last night.

My heating pad is my best friend again. Until the hot flashes. Then I can't stand the heating pad and I start stripping all the clothes I've layered on my shivering bones. Bad cycles with this disease is a giant guessing game. I'm hurting all over.

I had a fabulous weekend last weekend - another Discovery! weekend, which I haven't shared about yet but will soon.

I'm excited about the exciting news I have to post but haven't yet. Yes, I still remember.

It's been raining here the last two days and I find that comforting in a strange way.

Our house is clean and that's comforting to me too.

You would be surprised at the time and energy it takes every night to feed four dogs.

I've lost 10 more pounds on my diet, but am taking a three-week maintenance break before losing the remaining 20 I want to lose. I sorted through my closet today and it felt great to get rid of TOO BIG clothes and actually be able to wear the ones that have been too small for a few years.

I'm planning some future Discovery! fundraisers, which I love doing. And also a service walk for my class at our local Ronald McDonald House.

Despite my recent funk, I feel a renewed sense of ambition, purpose and focus.

Good night, friends.

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