Thursday, January 13, 2011

quotation marks

The story that I want to tell you, I can't because I was asked not to. As a matter of fact, I was threatened that if I did tell you the story, I would be reported. To what or who, I don't know. I don't think she knows either.

But I stand threatened and so the story will remain untold. Until I can convince her otherwise.

I will say that it involves my nearly-16-year-old sister and the way she eats popcorn. Last night, I was taking notes (because I do this when people around me are interesting enough to blog about) and she said, "Don't blog about it, Holly. I know that's what you're thinking."

"Maybe if you didn't live your life so weirdly around me, I wouldn't have something to write about," was my mature response, because weirdly is totally a word.

She said other things last night I thought were funny.

SHE: "I think I'm ready for the test tomorrow."
ME: "I'm sure you'll kick ass."
SHE: "Oh, I know I will. I just didn't want to sound too cocky." And then she breaks into song, "All I do is win, win no matter what, what, what...."

And later, before bed, she said to Micah, "I've been rude to you tonight, I feel like I need to hug you before you go to bed so that if we don't wake up in the morning, I'll have no regrets."

Morbid, but true.

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