Sunday, January 23, 2011

restless inspiration

As soon as the bathwater starts running, I'm inspired. New ideas and modifications of old ones immediately flood my mind.

It's one time, though, that I don't (hardly ever) write anything down. This is my sacred time when, if the inspiration is meant to last, I'll remember it after the water drains. For now, it's just me, hot water, and a magazine.

This is also the time where I'm confined to one place with reading material.

I'm a restless writer, as I am a restless TV watcher, and restless reader. Sometimes, before compiling a compelling news story, I have to go for a walk, make some tea, and during the process of writing, I'm bouncing between my story and four other windows open on my desktop. A foot is always moving, I'm readjusting position every few minutes - both feet on the floor, one leg crossed, sitting on one foot, folding both legs under me.

Sometimes, in my restlessness, I forget purpose. Sometimes, in my pursuit of getting things done, I lose sight of the process. Sometimes, I forget there is more than one way to end up with the same result.

It took me a long time to appreciate a good bath; I couldn't imagine being that still for that long.

Now I need them.

Night before last, it was just me and my Oprah magazine (compliments of my beautiful mother.) Last night, it was me and this week's edition of TIME, where on page 2, I found what I was unknowingly looking for.

"...As journalists, trying to find meaning is what defines us. It's what we do. And we need to get it right." - TIME managing editor, Richard Stengel.

Sometimes, in my restlessness, I forget purpose. But last night, chin deep in hot water seasoned with Stress and Tension Relief, I remembered.

My mission is to be a voice for the voiceless ... and I need to get it right.

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